Announcing the Grails-React Starter

Today I pushed the first iteration of my Grails-React Starter project. The goal of this project is to provide a simple, straightforward barebones app showing how to leverage React and it's assorted friends in frontend-land within a Grails application. The app is designed to be flexible as well as opinionated, although I'll likely branch the project to demonstrate other options as well.

Most everything you need to know should be in the Readme, but here's a few tidbits:

  • The starter is based upon webpack, and demonstrates how to link a webpack node project with the Grails asset pipeline - this is not specific to React, and I'm working on an Angular 2 example with a similar structure.
  • The Gradle-node plugin is included to automate a bit of the webpack bundling when the Grails app is started and/or packaged, so the running app will aways have its bundle.js at runtime.
  • All the normal node/npm commands will work with this project, with the exception of npm start (the server is started via grails run-app, unsurprisingly).

The project is available on Github - feedback, suggestions and questions are all welcome!

Zachary Klein

Zachary Klein

I'm on the Grails Team at OCI. This blog is just a place to record tips or workarounds I've found useful while working with Groovy, Grails, Gradle, and associated oddities.